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At Investco, we value endurance, knowing our accomplishments will persevere. We think in terms of decades, not years. Longevity, patience and trust are factors in everything we do. It’s a simple recipe on paper, but one that requires dedication and confidence to see through to success. 


Founded by Michael Corliss in 1983, our first project was a 36-unit apartment development south of Federal Way called Lake Chalet Park. A core component of our business is building apartment communities in the suburbs and owning them for decades. Where most real estate companies purchase short-term, our approach is different.  We own real assets and strive to operate those assets. In the world of real estate, this is rare. But it’s also the secret to our success. 


In the early 1990’s we entered the industrial market with the purchase of 139 acres of land in Sumner, Washington, which would become Valley South Corporate Park. Valley South is a pioneering development that led to the creation of the Sumner Industrial District, a thriving industrial market.


In the late 1990’s we entered into our most complex deal to date: Lakeland master planned community. Our team was able to nurture the “competing” stakeholders to a place where everybody won. Many said it couldn’t be done. But we saw value and pursued it with integrity and persistence. 


Today, we are an integral part of Lakeland and continue to see it grow and thrive.  


Kent Station was the next big project, an ambitious mixed-use development built around a transportation hub in the heart of downtown Kent, Washington. Again, this was not a conventional deal by any means. The city of Kent put out an RFP for developers interested in acquiring an old industrial plant in the heart of downtown. Where other developers would have gotten into the deal and sold it within a year, we won the project because of our commitment to creating lasting value. 


Today Kent Station has more than 470,000 square feet of entertainment, housing, office, and retail/restaurant space. 


Fast forward to today and Investco’s diversified real estate holdings consist of apartments, homes, industrial, retail, and office. It would be difficult, however, to peg Investco as just a real estate company. From the beginning, we’ve built a wide-array of operating companies that encompass financial services, building-products manufacturing, leasing, homebuilding, winemaking, and much more. 


Our company’s focus extends beyond the walls of its buildings. We take the same long-term approach to relationships, understanding our employees are our greatest asset.  Loyalty, long-term relationships, and work-life balance describe a rewarding culture.


The Investco story is still being written and the next generation is dedicated to making their own mark on our forty year old business. 

Investco currently has assets and operations in the following states: Washington, Oregon, California, Idaho, and Nevada.



If you have a question, or want to inquire about potential career opportunities, please contact us.

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